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Brick and Stone Repair

Here in Colorado there is a look that builders try to attain because of the beautiful nature that surrounds the homes and businesses here. Stone and brick around the homes and business buildings here is pretty much a staple. However, with this comes the maintenance of brick and stone. Park Range Construction wants to help […]

Snow and Your Foundation

Winter brings snow and for the most part we don’t think much about it unless we must scrap off our cars or shovel our driveway. Beyond that life just continues when the snow comes down. Here at Park Range Construction we make sure to help make sure that you have the best knowledge when it […]

Home Maintenance for the Fall

There are a couple of different items on the list that must be done during the fall to make sure that your home will be safe to the type of conditions that fall, and winter bring along. When it turns colder out most people start to spend most of their time inside. It’s warm and […]

Signs Your Deck Needs to be Repaired

The summer brings about a wonderful time of year to get together for BBQs and sit outside as the sun is going down. The best place to take a moment of rest from a hard day’s work should be just a few steps from a fridge full of cold drinks and a pantry full of […]

How Water Damages Your Foundation

We can’t stop the rain or snow from coming down and no doubt we need it here in Colorado. As good as it may be for the ground it might not be the best for the foundation of your home. Saturated soil can cause the foundation of your home to crack and bow. The pressure […]

Signs of Drainage Issues

When homes are built and you move in, you have an expectation that the grating and drainage have been done correctly. However, sometimes that expectation is not always met and you find that there are some drainage problems with your home. This is uncomely and often a headache that is pushed aside until there is […]

How to Spot Foundational Issues

The foundation of your home is important because the rest of the structure relies on it. The integrity of the building falls on the strength of the foundation of your home. There isn’t a waiting game to be played when it comes to foundational damage. It’s best to catch it early on because the longer […]

Helical Piers vs. Push Piers

What is the difference between helical piers and push piers? Why are they even important? If you’ve ever owned a home that over time the soil had shifted and it was no longer structurally sound you understand the importance of helical piers and push piers. They are both used as structural support systems to make […]