Major Projects

Castle Rock, Colorado Townhome


Park Range was awarded a $411,000 job to perform requested porch, column and railing repairs to 45 homes. The HOA community had numerous issues with spalled and cracked concrete porches. The railings and columns originally designed did not allow for water to drain and the wooden columns were rotting. This community-wide project involved concrete demolition, pipe redirection, railing and column re-design, rail to siding connections, rail abutment to stone walls, new wood columns with stone wrapping, flashing of the building at the porch to wall connections, new concrete pours, landscaping and mulching.

Before_Porch_Shot After_Porch_Shot

Park Range was contracted to resolve a drainage issue at a townhome development built on a hillside. The solution was the installation of a rip-rap swale to prevent further erosion and properly direct the flow of water away from the homeowner foundations.

retaining_wall_1 retaining_wall_2

Helical Pile Installation at a Power Plant Sub-Station


Park Range was awarded $611,000 to install 250 Magnum galvanized 6.50″ O.X. x .280″ wall thickness tubular piles with a single .875″ x 24″ helice plate and 10″ x 10″ pier caps welded to the shafts. Piles were installed to support foundation for a new sub-station at a power plant.

The original foundation was designed with 6″ micropiles. Installation was scheduled during winter months which would have required tremmie grouting in extreme conditions for micropiles. However, an alternate designed was engineered by Magnum Geo Solutions providing an economical and efficient installation withhelical piles.
The schedule was very tight requiring night work and working next to many other crews. Every day of power plant closure cost thousands of dollars. Park Range provided two drilling crews and the job finished on time and within budget.
For case study information on Helical Install at Wyoming Power Substation, please click here.

New Restaurant Foundation uses Helical Piers – Denver, Colorado


Park Range Construction was awarded $232,800 to install 119 Magnum 3″ Reinforced Tubular Helical Piersfor the basement foundation as well as the crawl spaces at the front and rear of the new building. The site required the operation of drilling rigs which could operate in tight quarters between two existing buildings.
Due to the nature of the hard soils, we had to pre-drill the holes using a rock drill on a skid. In order to complete the job on schedule, we used multiple drilling rigs simultaneously. The job was successfully completed within budget and on time.

Grading and Drainage Improvements in Edgewater, Colorado

manhattenbeach1 manhattenbeach2

Park Range Construction was awarded a $398,000 contract to provide drainage and grading improvements to a 75 townhome community.
The scope of repair included installation of a retaining wall, 10″ drain pipe, drain inlets, manholes, concrete chases, downspout extensions as well as regrading, and removal and replacement of the sod, landscape, concrete and asphalt.

Littleton, Colorado Single-Family Home Community Repairs

Park Range Construction was awarded a $1.4M contract to perform repairs on 69 single-family homes in a Littleton, CO sub-division. The scope of work included structural porches, wooden porch repairs, concrete porches, walkways, driveways and garage slabs, downspouts, perimeter drains and additional sump pits, window wells, mold remediation, basement and crawlspace blocking, and exterior repairs. Throughout the community grading and drainage improvements were performed and retaining walls were built.

Peakview Peakview_drainage