Drainage Improvements

Our drainage services include a wide variety of drainage systems. Keeping water away from foundations is the key to preventing structural failure, leaking basement walls, foundation cracks and water intrusion. This includes the installation of interior perimeter and exterior perimeter drains connected to sump pits and sump pumps, downspout and sump pump extensions as well as drainage swales, concrete pans and sidewalk chases. Ensuring that soils and concrete are sloped away from foundations is imperative to preventing the need for future basement foundation repairs. Our crews provide quality grading and landscaping improvements as well as concrete and asphalt removal and replacement.

Park Range also has installed drainage systems in multi-family and residential subdivisions for overall community drainage solutions and de-watering.

  • Correction of Drainage Problems
  • Interior & Exterior Drain Installation
  • Crawl Space Remediation & Encapsulation
  • Drainage Swales, Surface Drainage, Concrete Pans & Sidewalk Chases
  • Grading & Landscaping Improvements
  • Downspout & Sump Pump Installation and Improvements
  • Window Well Installation and Improvements
  • Waterproofing
  • Foundation Crack Repair

If your civil engineer recommends drainage improvements for your Denver, Colorado or Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico property, please contact us for an estimate.