Underpinning is the process used to stabilize and strengthen a foundation of an existing structure. This is ideal when the original foundation is not stable or not strong enough to support the building, the use of the structure has changed requiring additional support, the soil under the foundation is not supporting the building the way it should (subsidence or perhaps mischaracterization when the structure and site were designed), nearby construction requires soil excavation or it is more economical to restore the present foundation than to build on a new one.

By underpinning the foundation is extended in depth or breadth so the foundation’s load is distributed across a greater area or it rests on a more supportive soil stratum. Park Range has been underpinning foundations for over 30 years and has the ability to underpin with micropiles, resistance or push piers, or helical piers. The pier type specified by the engineer will be based on soil conditions as well as the strength of the existing foundation. Park Range has a wide range of equipment and can underpin in limited access environments.

New Foundation & Structural Floor Stabilizes Residence