Structural Floor Installation

Park Range installs all types of engineered structural floor systems. We also repair and strengthen existing structural floors.

The Ranger Floor System™, a patented galvanized steel and reinforced concrete structural floor system is installed exclusively by Park Range. Installed for new construction or for retrofit, this floor solves the problem of building on shifting and expansive soils. The Ranger Floor System™ has been engineer tested and rated for over 100 year’s life. The Ranger Floor™ solves many problems associated with wood structural and red steel structural floor systems.

Ranger Floor™ Benefits

  • Highly Advanced Structural Galvanized Steel & Concrete Floor
  • Integrated, Sealed System, Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Greater Lateral Strength Over Red Steel & Wood Floor Systems
  • Galvanized Steel Components – No Wood, Unfinished or Red Steel
  • No Crawl Space or Power Venting Required
  • No Wood Rotting, Cold Floors, Soil Odors or Mold Growth
  • Reduces Foundation Wall Height
  • Only Quality Galvanized Simpson Hardware & Hilti Fasteners Used
  • Rust and Corrosion Associated with Red Steel and Welding is Eliminated

Ranger Floor Brochure