Pier Installation

Helical Piers/Anchors Piles, Micropiles & Resistance Piers

Park Range has been installing helical piers, micropiles and resistance piers for over 25 years. Galvanized helical piers, micropiles and galvanized steel resistance piers provide an alternative to concrete caissons for foundation support. They support foundations for new structures, prevent settlement, stabilize existing foundations and restore settled structures, closing structural defects like cracks caused by the settling or heaving soils. Park Range has a complete inventory of equipment and material for pier and pile installation. Park Range can install piers to provide vertical or horizontal stabilization for new and existing construction.

Our extensive experience and innovative quality assurance program enables us to complete projects competitively and efficiently.

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  • Certified Installer of Earth Contact Product Piers
  • Galvanized Steel Helical Piers / Anchors / Piles
  • Resistance Piers
  • Micropile Drilling & Installation
  • Underpinning
  • New Foundation Support Systems
  • Tiebacks and Shoring
  • Rock Drilling – Indoor & Outdoor
  • Specializing in Limited Access Environments

We want to thank you and your crews for all the great work performed in getting our house back on a stable foundation. We were particularly impressed with the work ethic and attention to detail of your superintendent. Yet, everyone from your company we met was friendly and helpful while going about their assigned duties. Thanks You!!! Yeager Residence

Very satisfied with Park Range and the work they did on my home. Supervisor was great. Always very helpful, approachable and answered all questions.
KB Homeowner – Denver Stapleton Area