Structural or Non-Structural- How to Tell the Difference Between Foundation Cracks

Structural or Non-Structural- How to Tell the Difference Between Foundation Cracks

If you have noticed cracks in concrete elements around your home, you may be alarmed. And rightfully so. Cracks in driveways, basements, and other areas can be a good indicator that you have foundation issues. What is more is that even non-serious cracks can turn serious over time. But not all cracks are an indication of a structural issue. If you would like to learn how to identify structural cracks vs non-structural ones, your friends at Park Range Construction are glad to help you do just that.

How to Identify Structural Cracks

Structural cracks are typically caused by poor soil bearing or overloading, substandard construction sites, or swollen soil. Generally structural cracks will have characteristics such as, angled cracks that begin in a corner of a wall, stair-step cracks, cracks in the foundation slab, cracks in support beams, vertical cracks that reach the upper levels of your home, or cracks that are wider than ⅛”.

In addition to structural cracks, foundation issues will present themselves in things like slanted floors or doors, sticking windows or doors, among other things.

How to Identify Non-Structural Cracks

Cracks can simply present themselves with the passage of time as a home wear. General characteristics of non-structural cracks may look like hairline cracks, cracks in plaster, or cracks that stem from the corners of doors and windows.

Things that can cause these cracks to occur could be things like settlement, trees, shifting foundations, or hydrostatic pressure.

At the end of the day, cracks should never be ignored since this is a prime way that water can gain a foothold into the critical areas of your home. Over time, water will wear out those cracks and turn them into a bigger problem than they need to be.

Asking a professional to come out and assess and diagnose any concerning foundation cracks you have noticed can help to defuse a potentially costly situation. Park Range Construction comprises a team of highly qualified structural repair specialists. We can help to accurately identify the root of your foundation cracks and we can implement a solution, whether big or small.

Published on 12-21-2020