What Happens If You Do Not Repair Your Foundation

What Happens If You Do Not Repair Your Foundation

Owning a home can often feel like you are constantly having to pick and choose which home improvement project to tackle at a time. If you know your home is experiencing foundation issues, it can be tempting to continue to put repairing them on the back burner. After all, fixing foundation issues can be disruptive, not to mention expensive. But what happens if you continually put off these repairs? Is there really much risk? At Park Range Construction, we are structural repair specialists, and as such we want to share a few of the dangers that neglecting your foundation issues can present.

Sinking and Settling

Signs of sinking and settling are likely what triggered you to have your foundation inspected in the first place. Foundations move and shift over time. This is just a fact. As foundations settle, it can result in cracks and uneven flooring. Gone untreated, these conditions will only continue to worsen.

Pest Infestations

With your foundation left in disrepair, rodents and insects can find their way in, making your home their home. This is particularly true for pier and beam type foundations with crawl spaces. Once inside, these pests have a reputation for multiplying quickly. Next thing you know, you have foundation issues and pest issues.

Plumbing Issues

When foundations shift or crack, your plumbing can be put under pressure. This can result in cracked and damaged pipes which can then result in leaks and water damage. Sometimes this damage can go unnoticed for quite a bit of time and can be very devastating.

Mold and Mildew

Water is extremely skilled at finding any weak spots in your foundation. If there are cracks present, you can almost guarantee that rain and other water sources will find their way into places such as your crawl space. Gone unnoticed in a dark, damp area, this will surely create a breeding ground for dangerous and damaging mold and mildew.

It is safe to say that no one wants to deal with the issues. And although getting your foundation repaired can be a headache, it can protect you and your family from even more serious issues because of not getting it fixed. If you are interested in taking care of your structural issues, do not hesitate to call Park Range Construction today!

Published on 5-14-2020