Snow and Your Foundation

Winter brings snow and for the most part we don’t think much about it unless we must scrap off our cars or shovel our driveway. Beyond that life just continues when the snow comes down. Here at Park Range Construction we make sure to help make sure that you have the best knowledge when it comes to the home care of your home. We are also there for any mishaps that may happen as well! Winter can pose a lot of threats to the health of your home. We will help you understand what those threats are and how to go about making sure that your home is healthy.

Discharge Line

Sump pumps help to make sure that your basement doesn’t flood. This means that there is a discharge line that dumps outside the home. When it isn’t properly laid the line can end up sending water back into the home. This is a concern no matter what time of year it is. However, when you get into winter it can mean that your discharge line freezes and yet again you are stuck with water coming back into your home. The simple fix to this if it’s not yet frozen inside is to make sure that it is sloped down. If it has already frozen then you can still fix it, it just means it's going to be a little more difficult.


Cracks appear in your foundation when the soil around your home hasn’t settled. This is generally because of the shifting of the soil. In winter it can be because of something different. The soil in the winter can have left over moisture and when it gets cold enough that moisture then freezes and causes the soil to expand. The expansion of the soil causes pressure on the foundation that results in hardline cracks. These cracks can do enough damage to your home over the course of time that it's important that you get them repaired from the beginning.

These are just two things that you need to watch out for with winter about us. If you start to see your foundation cracking or moisture leaking into your home, then call us today! Don’t wait till the problem gets worse. We can help you with any foundation and drainage issues that you made be having with your home.

Published on 2-14-2019