When Cracked Paint Could Spell Trouble

When Cracked Paint Could Spell Trouble

Have you recently noticed cracks in the walls of your home? Your first thought might simply be that it is time for a new coat of paint. Before you go about painting over those cracks, you may want to inspect them closer first.

Wall cracks may indicate foundation settlement. How can you distinguish between a minor crack and a major one? And what can be done if you suspect that a wall crack may be rooted in a bigger issue? Allow us to shed some light on the matter.

Indicative Signs of Damage to the foundation

You have a severe issue at hand if your crack displays any of the characteristics below:

Adjacent Cracks to Window and Door Frame: While cracks here and there might not indicate a problem with the foundation, cracks near the entryways and the windows should be taken seriously.

Visible Crack that Spans from doors through the walls to the ceilings: When a door's frame is cracked through to the ceiling above it, it could be a sign of foundation failure.

Fracture patterns: Foundational fissures in poured-concrete walls tend to form in regular patterns. Walls with fractures that go up at an incline from the baseboards and cracks that run vertically down the middle are in bad shape. Similarly alarming is the sight of angled cracks radiating from each edge of a wall and meeting in the middle, where they run horizontally.

Walls that have jagged, oblique fractures span at an angle of 45 degrees, clearly indicating that the sheetrock is cracking because of foundational movement.

Repairing Major Fractures

If you see any of the symptoms mentioned above, or if you are unsure what the fractures in your walls could imply, it is best to get them looked at by an expert. If your home's foundation needs fixing, look no further than Park Range Construction.

Typically, helical pier anchoring is utilized for lifting and leveling the settled section of the foundation. Once we hit a rock in the soil strata, we may use a micropile underpinning structure instead.

The Dangers of Trying to Up the Issue by Up Painting

If you paint across wall cracks, you treat a potentially significant problem with a simple solution. A new coat of paint could improve the wall's appearance, but it wouldn't address the more serious issue behind it. Your foundation problem may worsen, making a future repair more costly and time-consuming.

Wall cracks should be taken seriously, period. A single hairline fracture could not be cause for concern, but a cluster of such cracks in one location, such as near a door, should be taken seriously. Park Range Construction is here to assist if you suspect you have foundation problems. Our staff has extensive experience in this field.

Published on 2-16-2023