Prepare Your Home to Weather Storms

Prepare Your Home to Weather Storms

When it comes to your home there are a lot of things that you will need to do in order to get ready for the storm season. You might think that in Colorado you don’t have to worry much about storms but that isn’t true. When it comes to storms there is always the potential of flash floods. Most of the time your home will be just fine because it just affects the roads. As long as you don’t try to drive through it, no damage should occur to you or your property. However, there are a certain number of homeowners that have their home at risk. It is no fault of their own, but they are the ones that have to deal with it. Who are those ones?

When it comes to your home the way that you keep it protected from water ruining your foundation is by making sure that there is a decline coming off your home so that the water runs away from it. Most homes are built this way. That is also why gutters and downspouts are so important to the health of your home. If you find that there is water pooling near the house, then it is an indication that you need to have your home re-graded around it. This isn’t the only indication though.

There are spots around a neighborhood that will have drainage runs in between homes. If you find that there is pooling water in between your home and another home, then this also might be an indication. Many times, that water will then overflow onto your driveway and sidewalk. This can threaten the health of your foundation. What do we mean by that?

When water gets around your foundation it can cause your soil to shift and cracks will then appear. Of course, this is costly to get fixed and one that will demand that you do when you start to have water coming through in your basement. The cheapest option is to avoid all of this to begin with. Simply have your drainage grade redone around your home to ensure that your home is ready for the downpour of rain.

Park Range Constructions have been helping homeowners for years when it comes to their home projects. We can help when you have drainage or foundational issues. Just give us a call today and we will be quick to come out and do a home evaluation for your project.

Published on 6-10-2020