Foundation Repairs You Can Make Yourself

Foundation Repairs You Can Make Yourself

The foundation of your home provides critical support. So, when you notice cracks in that foundation, it can be alarming. Sometimes those cracks can signal you to a major problem, while other times it’s not something you need to give too much attention to. But how can you know the difference? Here are some examples of minor foundation issues that do not require professional assistance.

Hairline Cracks

Hairline cracks are a common occurrence especially for newly built houses. They usually appear by windows and the corners in your basement. This is due to a structure’s natural settling process. So, seeing small hairline cracks in these typical areas is not something to be alarmed about. As far as repairing them goes, you can leave them as they are.

⅛-Inch Cracks

Cracks that are about ⅛ or ¼ inches wide are usually still a result of settling and thus do not demand serious attention. They should be sealed for good measure, though, in order to prevent moisture or even radon leakage. Sealing these types of cracks is easy to do, however. It really only involves applying a concrete compatible caulk to the area.

Weeping Cracks

Crawl spaces and basements are naturally damp places. If you notice a crack that is weeping water, however, you should address this since prolonged water exposure can certainly comprise your foundation. You can seal it with the same masonry caulk used for other cracks. Additionally, you may want to check your gutters and spouts to make sure they are diverting water properly. You may also want to add soil to the base of your home to create a more dramatic slope to divert water more efficiently.

If you ever notice that cracks that are wider than ½ inch, are vertical, or accompany a bulge in the foundation, you should surely have a professional come and inspect it. Not all cracks in your foundation spell disaster, but some can. At Park Range Construction, we are foundation repair specialists. So, you can trust us to get you back on solid footing.

Published on 5-14-2021