Structural Problems to Look for Before Buying a Home

Structural Problems to Look for Before Buying a Home

Buying a new home is an exciting prospect! It is also a huge financial undertaking. Naturally, you do not want to invest in something that is faulty or that has underlying problems. At Park Range Construction, we are the crew you call when things need fixing. We are structural repair specialists. So, we know exactly what you should be looking for when inspecting a potential new home for structural damage and we want to share that with you.


First off, you will want to inspect the exterior walls and foundation. While some cracks are nothing to be too concerned about, if you start to see a lot of them, it is likely that they signal a larger problem. And if you see the same cracks mirrored in the outside and inside walls? Then this is definitely a sign of a more serious issue.

Besides the outside walls, it is also crucial to inspect the exterior foundation, patio, porch, and deck as well. Because of natural shifts in the soil, taking notice of the areas where walls meet the ground can be very telling. Things you will want to look for are cracks, soil pulling away from the home’s walls, and improper drainage.

Crawl Space

Like the actual foundation of a home, other concrete areas of your home can also show signs of stress. One such area is your crawl space. Inspect for dampness, leaks, and of course, cracks as evidence that your home is under too much pressure.

Windows and Doors

Windows and door frames are more vulnerable than other portions of walls. So, you will see signs of damage in these areas likely before others. Look for signs like uneven gaps, doors and windows that do not close with ease or lock properly, and separation from the wall.


Because your floors sit on top of your foundation, any shifts in your foundation will show signs in your flooring as well. For example, if you notice imperfections like sagging, bowing, and sloping in your flooring, these could be signals of major foundation issues.


Some evidence of settling in your home is to be expected. However, major cracks in the ceiling should be of prime interest to you. Look out for cracks in corners, seams, as well as loose drywall.

Now, even if you find some potential warning signs, you may just be absolutely in love with the home you are looking at. And that is ok, because while it will cost money, foundation issues can certainly be addressed and corrected. So, if you are not willing to walk away from the home, be sure to factor in repairs to your budget and call in a professional like Park Range Construction to assist you in extending the life of your home.

Published on 3-16-2020