How to Repair Cracks in Your Driveway

How to Repair Cracks in Your Driveway

Ideally, your concrete driveway will last the lifetime of your property. However, some conditions may shorten its lifespan, resulting in cracks and discoloration. Some of the common causes of the problems include improperly compacted subgrades, exposure to extreme weather conditions, and applying inadequate concrete mix.

Usually, the cracks on driveways start small. If you manage to identify them early enough, at 3mm wide or less, you can easily fix them. The width and depth are the most important considerations when checking the condition of a driveway. If the width is more than a centimeter, it means serious concrete cutting may be necessary.

Instead of ripping out your concrete driveway and starting over, you can save a significant amount of money by opting for driveway repairs. This is a viable option if the concrete is structurally sound. If you are uncertain about your driveway's condition, request a professional contractor to do an assessment. Here are some tips on how to repair cracks in your driveway:

Choose Your Preferred Concrete Repair Products

The repairs are done using a concrete repair mix, which is readily available in retail stores and e-commerce platforms. For example, you can opt for mortar mixes or epoxy compounds. The former is ideal when repairing large cracks, while the latter for cracks that have a width not exceeding an 1/8 of an inch.

Prepare the Targeted Parts

First, remove all the loose and cracked parts. Next, cut the cracked surface for about an inch deep. Use a wire brush to get rid of loose particles and rinse the concrete surfaces thoroughly. Before you start the work, lay a cloth below your working area, and put on the right protective clothing.

Use Your Preferred Repair Product to Fix Your Driveway

For concrete cracks 1/8 of an inch or less, experts recommend using epoxy products. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when mixing them. With the right tools, spreading the repair products will be easy.

Use a trowel to force them into the cracks. Note that the curing process varies from one mix to another. If you notice larger cracks, consider using a mortar mix. Like epoxy products, you can use a trowel to apply it.

Concrete cracks start small and become bigger with time. The sooner you seek repair services, the better. If you need major repair services, ParkRange Construction can help. Our company has trained and experienced technicians for the work. Give us a call today!

Published on 10-29-2020