Renovations, Reconstruction and Intrusive Testing

Renovations, Reconstruction and Intrusive Testing

If you’re into buying old buildings and then reconstructing them, then you certainly have your work cut out for you. Finding the perfect location for your business may be difficult when it comes to anywhere in the city and can lead you to having to buy a building that was built some years ago. This can mean not only renovations, but also reconstruction. You might not know what the true difference is between the two. Park Range Construction wants to help you understand the difference between the two and what’s involved in each one.


Many people when they buy a building, do renovations. What are renovations though? Put simply, it is where you upgrade the look and safety of the surfaces already there in the building. Typically, you aren’t messing with anything structural. You’re able to add new materials, redesign, and rework the space that you’ve just bought. This involves a minimal need to have professionals come in if you know what you’re doing in the construction world.


How does a reconstruction differ from renovations? Reconstruction typically is undertaken when there are some major problems. They look at the given problems and then go about removing them. From there you would fix the issue. To know what these problem areas are you would need to get someone who can do intrusive testing.

Intrusive Testing

You might be wondering what intrusive testing is and how it works. Intrusive testing takes samples and runs tests from the building that you’ve bought and sees where the deficiencies are. There are several different ways we perform these tests.

If you have recently bought a building that you need renovations, reconstruction, or intrusive testing then Park Range Construction is able to help you! Just fill out our online request form to get the process started today! We can help you by going over what your needs and plans are for your newly bought building.

Published on 1-14-2020