Cracks In Your Walls Can be Serious

Cracks In Your Walls Can be Serious

A crack on the wall may seem harmless, but the severity of the crack could be greater than you imagine.

This severity can be determined by an expert, who can provide a full inspection. A crack can be nothing more than a cosmetic issue, but it could also be a symptom of a deeper problem, and that is what the professionals at Foundation Repair and Parkrange Construction can help with.

It is true that it can take months or years for a home to settle, which can lead to small defects in a wall, but there are also horizontal cracks or separations that should be taken more seriously.

Horizontal Cracks

In order to figure how problematic this crack can be Foundation Repair and Parkrange Construction has to examine the crack thoroughly. Things like shape and direction of the crack are analyzed in order to figure this out.

For example, if the crack is somewhat vertical and seems to stem from within the line where the wall and ceiling meet, then the crack likely came after the house settled. Usually these types of cracks are not too serious.

Now, if the crack is horizontal or close to horizontal, which can sometimes look like a angled line, then this could be telling you the foundation is shifting. A shift in the foundation could mean a lot of things, like poor workmanship or water damage. It is vital that the root of the problem is found out as soon as possible so that it can be effectively addressed.

Of course, the crack could be nothing more than a blemish, and that could be repaired with drywall putty, a few sanding tools, a little bit of patience, and paint that matches the affected area.

Stair-Like Cracks

Cracks that remind you of a flight of stairs must be paid attention to. This type of crack can run vertically and horizontally, telling you different things about the property.

The staircase crack is usually near the cement lines between cinder blocks. Most of the time, these types of cracks have something to do with soil settling under the walls of the property. The settled soiled could be nothing, but it could also be something serious. There is no way to know until core drill tests are performed.

The Doors and Windows

The property's doors and windows can sometimes be used to test the seriousness of the cracks within the walls or ceilings. Doors or windows that stick and are not doing so because of faulty hardware, cracked wood, or paint issues could be telling you something is seriously wrong.

A door or window that seems stuck but there is no reason for it is likely doing this because the foundation of the property has changed. Sometimes, there is a large gap somewhere in the frame of the door or window.

Nails Becoming Visible

There are a number of nails tucked away in a wall. These are placed in there to strengthen the structure of the property. The problem is that structural changes, if severe enough, are going to pull nails away from the wooden stud where they once were. This is the reason why homes suffering from foundation or structural issues will likely see nails popping out.

Hopefully, this information helps you understand how serious a crack on the wall could be and why it is not a good idea to ignore this.

Published on 7-31-2019