Home Maintenance for the Fall

There are a couple of different items on the list that must be done during the fall to make sure that your home will be safe to the type of conditions that fall, and winter bring along. When it turns colder out most people start to spend most of their time inside. It’s warm and cozy inside but that doesn’t mean there isn’t work to do on the outside. So as cozy as it is inside, find your warmest jacket and get ready to do a few outdoor chores.


Fall brings changing leaves that eventually end up on the ground. These can cause a blockage in your gutters. When that happens long enough it allows for water to comes and seep around your foundation. When this happens long enough the soil around the foundation will start to shift. When this starts to happen, you’ll notice in your basement foundation that cracks start to appear on the floor and up the walls. If this starts to happen then you need to get such foundations issues fixed right away before it becomes worse. This can be done several different ways and Park Range Construction can help you find out the best solution possible.


When checking the gutters on your roof make sure to look at the rest of the drainage system. This is a crucial part to making sure that you don’t have any foundation issues. When doing so you have to check to make sure that the run offs are still going down away from your home and not puddling around your home because of the soil shifting. If you see puddles around the foundation of your home that are long lasting, then you should have them looked at to make sure that they won’t cause any foundation issues.

Park Range Construction is your local construction company that can help you with any foundation issue that you may have. That isn’t the only thing we are able to help you with though. Our list of services also includes structural repairs and additions to the home. So, when you’re in need of repairs to be done to your home, call us today.

Published on 2-14-2019