End of Summer Property Maintenance

End of Summer Property Maintenance

The changing seasons also mean changes around your home and property. To be prepared for the fall and winter ahead, there are some things you need to do. These seven items are recommended by the experts at Park Range Construction.

Close the Pool

The first thing many people think of is closing the pool. Get the pH, chlorine, and alkalinity where they need to be. Add algaecide, then place the cover securely over the pool. Make sure to drain the pump, filter, and hoses, or store them indoors.

Clean Your Gutters

Gutters are often clogged by summer's end. Some overflow is not a big problem, but when that water ends up freezing on the sidewalks below, it is trouble. The autumn leaves have probably filled your gutters and downspouts. Remove them and any other debris.

Get HVAC Ready

Give your HVAC system a boost. Replace the filters and have it serviced. This will clear away a summer's worth of dust from your heat and will help it run more efficiently. It is also a good time to replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Inspect & Repair Hard Surfaces

The upcoming winter will be tough on sidewalks, patios, and driveways. The damage can be significant if those hard surfaces have cracks where water can freeze and expand. Check all your concrete and asphalt for gaps and cracks, and seal them with an appropriate material to keep water out.

Go Over Your Landscape

Dead and damaged limbs need to be removed before winter to keep them from fostering disease and insects in the spring, but they are also a serious hazard when they become weighed down with snow and ice. Cut back perennials now so that they don't get overgrown next year and apply winterizing fertilizer to your lawn.

Put Recreational Items Away

Get bicycles, pool toys, sandboxes, and outdoor furniture gathered up and stored inside. If you do not have enough space, cover them with a tarp or rugged plastic cover. Be sure everything is cleaned and lubricated before storing.

Button Down the House

The summer heat is a little easier to ignore than a cold winter draft. Check around every door and window for any signs of leaking air. Make sure doors and windows close properly, paying particular attention to door sweeps and thresholds.

Winter is coming whether you are ready or not! But preparation is the key to avoiding costly damages and foundation problems that can occur during the colder months. This simple checklist will get you prepared for those changing seasons.

Published on 9-24-2020