Signs Your Deck Needs to be Repaired

The summer brings about a wonderful time of year to get together for BBQs and sit outside as the sun is going down. The best place to take a moment of rest from a hard day’s work should be just a few steps from a fridge full of cold drinks and a pantry full of food. A deck can be the perfect oasis for you and your family. Creating the perfect space can be challenge when your deck is old, falling apart, or rotted out. This can cause several safety issues especially if you have young ones. If you think your dreams of having a beautiful deck and oasis for your home is too farfetched, then think again. Park Range Construction can make this happen! We specialize in renovations for homes and buildings. Included in the many things we do is deck repairs.

The first thing that you need to do is inspect where your deck’s health is at. Make sure to go around the foundational post and take a screwdriver to poke the wood at the base. If it is soft, then your deck might be starting to rot. There can be treatment done for a small scale of rotting however there might be rotting on a large scale going on. If that is the case, then you may need to have those foundational posts replaced. There can also be rot in the beams. There needs to be an over check across the joists and beams.

Along with rotting there are can be warping and splitting that happens over the years. This makes your deck uneven and susceptible to water damage and rot. You might not be thinking that it’s a big deal but over time thinking that allows for it only to sit there getting worse until you have to replace the whole deck. Therefore, it is advantageous to identify the issues that are going on from the beginning. When you catch it at an early stage you’re able to keep your deck looking good as well as healthy.

If you’re noticing that your deck isn’t as healthy as you though it was, and you’ve got some rotting going on then call the professionals today! Park Range Construction is able to do any repairs and renovations that you’ve got planned for this summer. The best thing about having it contracted out is that you don’t have to do any of the work and it gets done fast. Additionally, you can be relieved that it has been done right and at a high-quality standard. Call the professionals today!

Published on 2-14-2019