Signs of Drainage Issues

Signs of Drainage Issues

When homes are built and you move in, you have an expectation that the grating and drainage have been done correctly. However, sometimes that expectation is not always met and you find that there are some drainage problems with your home. This is uncomely and often a headache that is pushed aside until there is something that has to be done. Here are some of the signs that indicate that your home has drainage problems.

  1. Standing Water

This is one of the common signs that there is a drainage issue. When there are storms that come through, it is common for water to settle in the yard and on the sidewalks for a little while. When the storm has stopped though, and the sun has come out, what happens to the water? There shouldn’t be any water sticking around. A home drainage system is designed to lead the water to the sewage system. If this system isn’t working properly, then the water will be standing there for hours on end. This causes the most problems when it’s below freezing out, causing thick ice to form and making it very unsafe for little ones and older ones.

  1. Water Stains in the Basement

Gutters are meant to take water from the rainfall and direct it away from the foundation of the home. This is a very important feature of your home. If there is any blockage in the gutters, then it can cause the water to not drain away properly from the home and instead over steam down the walls of your home to the foundation. This can cause water stains to form on top of the foundation wall.

The drainage system may not be the only cause for water stains on your foundation. There is always the possibility that your home may have been built underneath the water table line. This can cause problems when storms come in and cause the city storm drains to back up into your home.

  1. Gutters Overflow

As mentioned above, the gutters overflowing can cause an issue for your home. This can be a simple fix with a weekend cleaning of them. When you’re up there on your roof looking for a great blockage it’s imperative that if you don’t find one, you may need to consider that it could be more serious than what you can handle. It may be that in the installation the pitch was incorrectly done.

With so many different reasons for drainage issues in your home, it can be hard to pinpoint the real issue. Park Range Construction is known for fixing foundational issues and the sealing of cracks. We are able to fix drainage issues not just for one home, but a community of homes. In addition to this, we also install downspouts and sump pumps. With so many services that we offer, we can make your home operating like new again. Call us today!

Published on 1-16-2018