What Are Building Envelope Repairs?

What Are Building Envelope Repairs?

Your building should be structurally sound. But older buildings, historical buildings, or buildings that have experienced major flooding or disaster might be structurally compromised, and those issues could be lurking beneath the surface where they are not readily seen. When your building is not structurally sound, all is not lost. Our Park Range Construction team can provide building envelope repair in order to get your property back in solid condition. What exactly is building envelope repair, though, and how do you know if your building needs this service done? Let’s discuss that.

What Even Is Building Envelope Repair?

The envelope of your building refers to the things that shield the interior of the building from exterior elements. Hence the term envelope because these things envelop the inside of the building. These items include foundations, walls, doors, windows, and roofs.

How do you know that you need building envelope repair and what are the signs you need to look out for? Let’s see.

Signs Your Building Needs Envelope Repair

Ignoring your building's envelope when it's in disrepair could end up costing you big, so it's critical to know the signs so you can fix matters as soon as possible.

Signs that your building’s envelope is compromised can include active leaks, water stains, peeling or bubbling paint, musty or off smells, and/or groaning or spongy flooring.

Leaving these signs unchecked could lead to pooling water behind your building’s walls, which could result in rotting beams, leaving your building structurally unstable. Standing water can also foster mold growth, which can leave your building smelling stinky at best and inhospitable at worst if black mold were to develop.

Another way that a compromised envelope can affect your building in the long run could be in heating and cooling. If airflow from the outside is not kept out of your building, naturally your heating and cooling costs will skyrocket and you and your employees will not be content if the building is not able to maintain a comfortable temperature. Poor air circulation could also lead us back to the development of mold and we already discussed why you don’t want mold in your building.

This is just a brief overview of what building envelope repair is and what signs of damage you should look out for. If you are suspicious that there is damage to your building's envelope in some way, do not waste time in calling Park Range Construction. We would be happy to take a look and make any needed repairs.

Published on 7-18-2023