How to Spot Foundational Issues

How to Spot Foundational Issues

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The foundation of your home is important because the rest of the structure relies on it. The integrity of the building falls on the strength of the foundation of your home. There isn’t a waiting game to be played when it comes to foundational damage. It’s best to catch it early on because the longer you wait the more severe the damage gets. So, what is the cause of foundation damage? What are the signs that your foundation is damaged? What can be done about foundation damage if your home has some?

What Causes It

Foundation damage is caused by the soil underneath and around it. Soil tends to expand and contract when wet and then dried. This can cause enough force on the building for the foundation to then crack and damage. Another factor to foundation damage is inadequate drainage resulting in excessive moisture. Such stress and change in the soil will initiate a shift in the foundation causing cracks and uneven settlement.

Warning Signs

The warning signs can vary depending on the type of material that your home’s foundation is made from. However, there are common signs that you will be able to detect at the outset of foundation damage to your home.

  1. Wall cracks in the basement from floor to ceiling
  2. Pooling water in the basement
  3. Wet crawl space
  4. Sagging or uneven floors
  5. Bowed walls
  6. Doors that stick
  7. Strange smell in the basement

These are some of the signs that you’re going to want to look out for when trying to detect foundational issues.

Fixing the Issue

Micro piers and helical piers are among the most common and economical ways to fix foundational issues. The issue that causes the damage in the first place is the soil. Micro piers and helical piers are designed to fix the problem at the root by going down deep enough into the soil, to find the correct soil that will hold the weight of the building without shifting. These pairs will last decades. Park Range Construction is a group of skilled professionals that can handle any foundational damage, correcting the issue at its root. Call us today for more information!

Published on 3-19-2021