Why Proper Grading Matters

Why Proper Grading Matters

When most people think about grading, their thoughts usually turn to school assignments and whether their child got an "A." However, grading is also a procedure very important in terms of building construction. In construction circles, grading refers to the slope of the ground around the foundation of the building. When this is done properly, the ground slopes away from the building. As a result, water will drain away from the building's foundation. Unfortunately, it is estimated that maybe only one in 40 buildings has the proper grading on all four sides, which can lead to numerous problems.

Why Are There Grading Problems?

In most cases, grading problems occur due to homeowners or builders simply not paying attention to the sloping as the building is constructed. Fortunately, once you know what to look for, it is quite easy to spot if grading has been done properly around your home or business. By squatting down and looking at the ground near the foundation, you can often tell if proper grading exists. As a rule, most builders recommend sloping away from the foundation using a six-inch drop in elevation through the first 10 feet away from the building, which is a five percent grade.

What Problems Can Result from Improper Grading?

When grading is not done properly around a building's foundation, a variety of serious problems can eventually develop. These can include wood that begins to rot, cracks in the foundation, leaks occurring in basements, and in extreme cases buildings that may eventually start to lean or sink. Should these problems go undetected or simply be ignored, the result is major foundation problems that will be extremely expensive to repair.

Can My Building's Grading Problems be Fixed?

In most cases, grading problems around homes or businesses can be fixed. Here at Park Range Construction, we have decades of experience performing foundation repairs of all types. After we carefully examine your building, its foundation, and the ground around the building, we can offer you an estimate of what will need to be done to fix the problem. Using a variety of foundation support systems and other proven techniques, we can once again have your building and its foundation on solid ground.

If you would like to learn more about how we at Park Range Construction can help with your grading problems, contact us today for an appointment.

Published on 7-31-2020